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3 Easy Tips to Properly Layering Your Favorite Cologne

A lot of us have our own signature scents that we somehow always wear on us no matter what occasion it is or outfit we are wearing. There are also times that we simply can’t help but spray on another scent to compliment it or create a whole new smell altogether. But having too much of a good thing is still bad. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn to balance all of them just right so that we can get the best of many worlds rolled into one flower and your favorite cologne is no exception.

So listen close. Grab a pen and paper if you will take down these notes on how you can properly layer your colognes without smelling awful or overpowering.

Staying within the Family

The biggest error you could make is trying to force two (and even more) scents that simply do not match, not even complement each other to some extent. Test each cologne separately first and check the label if they are from the same scent family; florals to florals, citrus to citrus, and so forth. This is already a proven idea, trust us.

Mixing and Matching

If you really want to go creative on layering your teen colognes, you can start mixing and matching. But do a little research first. On a general sense, florals and citrus notes work great together, so do oriental and spicy ones. You can try to pair drops of each bottle and dab a piece of paper, let it dry, and smell it. If you like it, great! Remember that combo. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

You can totally be daring and dash out of the door with something you are sure to be one of a kind but it still pays to smell rather nice than off-putting. Plus, you kind of owe it to the people you pass by as you walk. Turning heads for the wrong reason is a big No-No. Experiment wisely.

Portion the Potion

If you have got the scent down, it’s now time to measure how much of each you need to achieve the best result. Experiment on yourself and see if how many drops you need from scent A and scent B to get that desired result. Proper portions will allow you a consistent fragrance and could even be your new signature scent! Tip: If you really like this new blend of fragrance, keep it in a bottle to save you time mixing. Just grab and splash on!

Got all of them down? Great! Now start mixing! If you got a really good combo on you, share them with us. We might just love it too.