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5 Reasons for Finding Good Toronto Emergency Plumber

Owning a home or commercial building requires that you take responsibility for this valuable property. Emergency plumbing services can help you prevent water damage to carpet, furniture and walls. Here are 5 reasons for finding a good Toronto emergency plumber.

Prevent Mold & Fungal Growth

After a flood fills a basement with water, the high moisture levels can lead to rapid mold, mildew and fungal growth. Your carpet was not made for a high concentration of water and many paper and wooden structures might be destroyed. The worst damage can occur in your sheet-rock and HVAC where dangerous bacteria can grow. Contacting an emergency plumber rapidly can help you minimize these dangers.

1. Tree Roots


An experienced plumber can identify small problems that could become catastrophic later on. Tree roots are powerful and can damage your pipes over time. The following plumbers will have pipe grinding drills to remove tree roots:

Priority Plumbing
Drain Works
Mr. Rooter

Prevent a calamity by calling a plumber today.

2. Leaky Faucet


Your faucet might drip a little. You might simply ignore it, but it is unlikely to get better. Water dripping is due to the seal being broken. As water continues to drip, it will only loosen the seal even more. Lower your water bills and get the leak fixed before this molehill become a mountain.

3. Clogged Sinks


Some homeowners may use do-it-yourself (DIY) products to clean clogged sinks and drains. The problems is that calcification can lead to these pipes becoming fused to the waste debris. Pouring the caustic chemicals down the drain could remove the clogs, but also damage your pipes too.

Pinholes in your pipes will also lead to these caustic chemicals leaking onto your basement floor. An experienced Plumber in Toronto has tiny cameras that allow him to see deep within your pipes and sinks to find the real problems. Don’t settle for second-rate plumbing services.

4. Burst Pipes


Frozen pipes are a common occurrence when the temperature falls dramatically in Toronto. Besides getting your furnace checked in the autumn, you might also want to ensure that your pipes are in good condition. When you lose heat in your house or building, you might not be thinking about your pipes.

Water based heating tends to be very affordable, but can be a nightmare when they burst. Have a good plumber in Toronto check your pipes in the autumn by removing air so that they will be ready for winter. He can also check for microscopic pinholes in your pipes.

5. Toilet Back Ups


No home owner wants to even imagine the damage that will result if their toilet backs up. Some older Toronto homes might have very narrow pipes and rusting parts. These could break down at the worst possible time, like during an important party.

When you have the phone number of an emergency plumber in Toronto on your refrigerator or as a contact on your smart phone, you can get the help you need quickly. Don’t allow a malfunctioning toilet to destroy your carpet, walls and belongings. Repair or replace a faulty toilet before it leads to disaster.

Plumbing Accidents Happen

Your plumbing is used every day and a properly functioning plumbing system is needed for good health, hygiene and cleanliness. Find a good plumber in Toronto and put their phone numbers on speed dial to protect your assets from water damage.

Don’t allow one water catastrophe to lead to mold growth in your carpets or HVAC – this could lead to breathing problems. Contact a high-quality Toronto plumber to keep your facility clean.

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