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6 Awesome Ways can have the Best Kickstart for Your Day

Is waking up at 5am your most favorite part of the day? Thought so. Not that waking up early is a bad thing but have you ever encountered choosing between getting out of your warm comfy bed and continue laying on your warm comfy bed? But procrastination delays us and would lead us to rush towards getting out of the door fast enough to avoid the morning traffic – which usually means skipping most essential things to help kickstart your day and saying ‘Hi!’ to the morning traffic with a grumpy mood.

To avoid that, we’ve gotten together and made a list of ways you can have the best morning kickstart there is, everyday.

  1. Start with the night before.

Now, this does not exclude nocturnal people or those who are big fans of late night frolics. Most mornings are somehow ruined because of the night before – mostly because of sleep. Before hitting your bed and turning off the night lamps, check if you have some stuff that needs taking care of. You know, trash bins overflowing trash, dishes waiting to be washed, a living room, kitchen or a bedroom in need of tidying up.

Most people tend to hate cleaning at night but it can actually help you in the morning. By cleaning and tidying up your place, you are able to wake up with a great view. A lot of us would rather stay in bed because we do not like what we wake up too – the floor slowly being carpeted with clothes, making breakfast in a dirty kitchen and etc. Plus, if you do clean at night, the last ounce of energy left to keep you awake late at night will be consumed and you’ll asleep faster.

  1. Water up!

Drinking a tall glass of water should be the first thing you do – even before hitting the shower, brushing your hair and teeth, anything at all! It is already proven that drinking first thing in the morning regulates your stomach and will give a good appetite the whole day – less hungry, less cranky. Also, drinking water normalizes your body temperature and calms you down. Plus, it rinses the funk away from your mouth.

  1. Lather and rinse.

Taking a bath is not only hygienic but also relaxing, but do be cautious of time – you can have the long bath later at night. With water rushing over you, it stimulates your skin and fully awakens you. Most people would want to take a cold shower in the morning and a hot one at night since cold water awakens and hot water relaxes. Really give yourself a good scrubbing and cleanup because you would never know who you will meet along the way to work. Also, a great tip: Multi-task! If you’re used to using hair conditioner (yes, guys also use conditioner), you can shave your muzzle off and brush your teeth while you allow your to hair get nourished. Then rinse all in one go!

  1. Eat. Please eat.

Skipping breakfast is not a good way to start the day. You don’t have to necessarily cook it yourself if time does not permit it. You can still grab a good meal along the way through take out. Even a bowl of fiber-enriched whole wheat cereal and milk or yogurt can already suffice and there’s no cooking involved. You can even slice a banana with it for good measure. Remember. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It may sound daunting or illogical but think about it. How many hours has it been since your last meal (excluding the midnight munch)?

  1. Groom yourself.

Simply shaving and taking a bath is not enough to be the best you. Check yourself in the mirror. How do you look? Are the rolled sleeves even? Did you miss a patch of hair on your chin? Is your hair alright? Yes, your hair! Some would simply swoop on one side and call it a day but it will become unruly once it dries. To keep it in place and in check the whole day, apply enough hair products, like hair wax or hair clay, on your hair and style it your way. No worries about residue, though. Try Grips Wax which is easy to wash off later.

There! Quick and simple as that, right? Saying hello to the morning sun should be too complicated. All it needs is a little awareness of the little stuff and you’re good to go!

Have a great morning ahead!