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9 Uses of Air Compressors

You can find tools like air compressors to help with certain tasks. If you need some help, you can see the various uses of air compressors.

Air compressors are usually used for industrial purposes like in manufacturing; but they can be used for any number of other tasks, among which are:

       1.Pneumatic tools – Many tools can benefit from using an air compressor to provide more power or precision. One example is a nail gun, which can use compressed air to drive nails deep into wood. You can also use an air compressor for other tools like pneumatic shears for cutting metal precisely or grease guns to apply grease to hard-to-reach areas.

       2. Inflation – Like an air pump, air compressors can be used to inflate tires, balls, or inflatable pools. Unlike a pump, an air compressor can provide air for those items without you needing to expend any effort. All you need to do is attach the compressor to a tire and use a gauge to adjust the pressure.

       3. Diving – If diving is your hobby, then you probably may have noticed that your diving cylinders utilize air compressors. To maintain safety, there are some concerns to keep in mind like pressure, heat, and gas blend.

       4. Paintball guns – Air compressors can also be used in the assembly of paintball guns. It’s a good thing to remember to take extra care during the assembly, however, as the guns may explode from the pressure. Wear safety goggles for your own safety.

       5. Snow machines – If you ever need to make fake snow, you can do so with air compressors. Air compressor can be used to propel fake snow so you can feel free to make your own white Christmas. Finding designs for a snow machine can be simple as the designs are readily available online.

       6. Airbrush painting – Air compressors are a good aid for applying an even coat of paint. Airbrush painting can be used for your own DIY painting projects or you can apply it to working on projects that need an even coat. One example is in automotive painting so you can apply decals on cars or motorcycles. If you have an auto shop, this can also help ensure that you can give your clients’ cars a quality paint job.

      7.Blowers – If you need to clear away leaves or dirt, you can use an air compressor to pile them in one spot. During the fall, this can be helpful for collecting all the leaves, or you can use an air compressor to clean up debris from work projects. You can also use an air compressor to help bow dust out of machinery, especially if it is hard to reach.

     8. Starting fires – Small air compressors can also be used to help start fires. You can use one to stoke a fire, usually by aiming at the base of the flame. This method can help save time waiting for coals to get hot or using lighter fluid to get a flame.

     9. Pressure washer – Another way of cleaning hard-to-reach areas is to use a pressure washer that can apply a stream of water to wash out dirt. Of course, you should also remember not to point a pressure washer at people or animals.

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