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Basic Procedure Followed when cleaning Air Duct in Ottawa

Having your air ducts cleaned frequently by specialists dealing in cleaning air duct in Ottawa will ensure your indoor air is clean, of high quality and healthy.

Air duct cleaning essentially helps to reduce and eliminate dust and other pollutants from your home. Recently, air pollution has been a major concern for many people unlike the past decade where people cared less about healthy air and air contaminants. More importantly, people are not just concerned about the air outside; they are also concerned about the air in their indoor environment.

Fortunately, you have the power to control the quality of air in your home, making it cleaner and healthier. This can be done by having the air ducts professionally cleaned by professionals in air duct Ottawa at regular basis. A professional air duct cleaning service will get rid of any pollutants, matter and air contaminants. The cleaning service will also remove any dust or debris that can potentially harm your home equipment.

Every cleaning company follows similar guidelines when cleaning air ducts. Here are is the basic procedure that will help you oversee the work when a professional is working on your air duct Ottawa.

Cleaning the furnace and air conditioner

Right before the professional begins to work on your air duct, they should check the whole system for proper operation. Power should be switched off to ensure safe cleaning. Cleaning involves vacuuming the air conditioner, the interior part of the furnace and subsequently the cooling coils and the blower unit.

Cleaning the grills and the supply and return register

All the registers should be removed and cleaned with a cleanser and then rinsed in the sink. In preparation of the next step, the return part should be blocked with a bagged filter and the register plugs placed in the duct openings.

Cleaning the supply and return ducts

A large negative air machine should be attached in the floor duct; it will direct brushes to clean the inside part of the ducts after which they should be decontaminated.


At this point, the specialist will install the electrostatic filter and may install an odor remover in the return duct, then finish by replacing all the registers.

Getting a professional air duct cleaner is highly recommended to improve the quality of air circulating in your home. You must however hire a licensed contractor, as it is the only way to ensure that your ducts are well cleaned.


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