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Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay

Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay

Writing can be a challenging task for most people, whether it is for a research paper or a narrative piece. Often, the writing process is a long and bumpy road that involves the presentation of arguments, supporting facts, and lengthy revisions. What makes writing even more difficult is when a writer experiences a writer’s block, a condition in which a person is unable to think of something to write or has trouble knowing how to proceed with the writing process.

Aside from the factors stated above, here are the other challenges that people can experience when writing an essay:

Getting Started

Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay


One of the most common problems in essay writing is figuring out how to get started. Even if a topic has already been provided, people oftentimes waste time thinking about how to start their essay. In order to save time, identify the purpose of your essay, and brainstorm ideas that can help you achieve your goals for writing one.


Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay

After you have gathered all your ideas, the next step is to organise and present them in a well-thought-out manner. Another challenge faced by a writer is to convince the readers of the credibility of his piece. If you want to effectively persuade your audience, you need to provide them with a strong and hard-to-refute argument, which can only be accomplished when you give yourself enough time to process all the ideas you’ve gathered.


Lack of Credible Evidence

Stating the argument is often not sufficient if you do not provide reliable evidences to support your arguments to make a valid claim. The best way to address this problem is to study and learn the topic by heart.


Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay

Although it may seem tempting to write as many evidences in your essay, it is crucial to only include the ones that are relevant to your argument. Most writers include irrelevant information to make up for the lack of words. At other times, relevant facts may seem irrelevant because the writer does not explain it properly and fails to establish a solid connection with the succeeding paragraphs.

Proper Voice and Use of Words

Because essays require an objective, use a third-person voice to fit its formality. Most writers, especially students, wrongly infuse their write-ups with colloquial and slang words. Another mistake common in essay writing is using big words and complex language in an attempt to sound smarter. Keep in mind that simple yet smart writing is written to express and not to impress. Use clear and easy=to-understand words that are best suited for your topic and can be easily understood by your audience.

Weak Analysis

Common Challenges People Encounter When Writing an Essay

Despite great structure, grammar, and organisation, the quality of your essay may be not be as high as it should be owing to weak analysis. Good analytical writing needs to find and establish a relationship between the different facts and ideas in the essay, identify possible situations, and offer solutions.

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