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Concrete Removal in Ontario: What Are Your Options?

Here are some tips on how to make the right choice when it comes to concrete removal in Ontario.

Are you looking to take on a project for concrete removal in Ontario around your home in the near future? There is a cheap way and a more expensive way to do it. You will have to keep in mind the hard work you will have to put in to do it the cheaper way.

Tools Required for a Smaller Project

The tools required for proper concrete removal vary depending on the amount and the thickness of the concrete. With a relatively small amount of concrete less than 4 inches thick a 12 pound sledgehammer will be an effective tool. A prybar will help to loosen up broken slabs. Begin by covering the slab of concrete with a large piece of plastic. This will help to stop flying chunks of concrete from destroying your siding or breaking windows.

Tools Required for a Larger Project

If you have a larger area of thicker concrete you may need to rent a jackhammer. Use a chisel point bit which will crack the concrete quicker than wider bits available. Try cracking off smaller of more manageable pieces at a time. If you try to crack off a piece that is too large a jackhammer will likely get it stuck in the concrete. Try just moving 2 to 3 inches at a time.

Disposing of Rubble

The chunks that you break off will now have to be disposed of. A bucket or wheelbarrow can be used to collect rubble if you have a smaller job. Another option is a power wheelbarrow that can help transport rubble to be disposed of and can be emptied quickly and easily. You will likely need to rent a container to dispose of the trash.

If you have a concrete removal project you want to do in the near future, keep in mind that it is cheaper to do it yourself but far easier to pay someone else to do it. Plenty of companies, like Wet Tek, will be happy to help with your concrete removal in Ontario.

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