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Craft Booths for Success at Craft Shows

There is nothing more fun than going to a craft fair or craft show. Unless you are a vendor in a craft show selling your arts and crafts and enjoying the income and the appreciation of buyers and shoppers alike. The crafts show experience is different for the sellers at any craft show. There exists a rare camaraderie among crafts people. They will tend to your display if you need a lunch or bathroom break, and it is always great to trade items from your display for an item from another crafter’s booth. The craftsman can return home with money, great arts and crafts from other presenters as well as fond memories.


Being a seller in a crafts show or fair is not always rewarding. Weather conditions may, temporarily, put a damper on sales but crafters need to remember that when weather interrupts a craft fair, the buyers always return and then buy enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, frantic buying is always interspersed with periods of agonizingly light sales action. At the beginning of the craft fair or show each vendor is waiting for that ice-breaker, the first sale of the day. And then they watch for that sales flurry that usually lasts for less than an hour. Sales continue throughout the afternoon but, usually, don’t match that of that first frenzy.

If you have a good craft product, you will make sales, but personal attitude counts almost as much toward success. Craft booth display ideas are necessary to catch the eye of any prospective shoppers. Your individual craft booth display ideas should not overwhelm your target audience. A correct visual presentation signifies that you are in fact an artist, a craftsman worthy of admiration and more importantly worthy of purchase.

craft boothYour craft booth design ideas should capture the attention of the customer but should not overwhelm or be garish. Blinding lights are great for Xmas but can’t help the craftsman with sales. A craftsman wants his art, his craft to be the centerpiece. But that initial positive first impression can lure a customer in to your booth to admire your work. A correct and pleasing combination of color and texture is also important for your display booth but again the crafts on display are what are more important.

One of the best booth design or trade show display ideas came from a crafter who spliced together two small uprooted trees, which had been bleached by the sun of the beach, driftwood. He criss-crossed other driftwood pieces and at the intersection placed the spliced tree with the roots at both ends. The effect of his booth design idea was pleasant puzzlement until the shopper spotted the spline joint. The reception to this display was always positive and if it didn’t lead to a sale, it provided a great area to hang merchandise.

The joys of being in a craft show are there for the dedicated craftsperson but diligence and preparation are necessary. Present you craft items on the display table in such a way that the shoppers will want to handle them. By touching your products the shopper will sense their worth, that’s a further step in the buying process.

Begin your sales approach by catching the attention of the shopper. If they smile at your booth display then you should reciprocate. Shoppers are only there for a short time and you should hold eye contact, smile and politely ask any of the pertinent questions the customer might be thinking of. You should know by experience what is usually asked about your craft product.

The shoppers are out of their element at a craft show or fair, and they are in yours. Treat them like guests in your home and you won’t need to be the best in show to have memories that last a lifetime and enough money to make plans for showing your crafts in the next craft show.

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