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Dental Health Risks For College Students

Dental Health Risks For College Students

Dental care usually focuses on and is personalized for children and older adults. College students, however, who fall in between these two categories have their own distinct needs. Oftentimes, they lack information about their oral health and neglect it, resulting to dental problems. University life includes exposure to certain dental health risks.

Here are the health risks all college students should watch for.

● Alcohol

Dental Health Risks For College Students

Many college students drink when they go to parties and several tend to drink too much. There are also others for whom drinking has become a habit. Because alcohol decreases the production of saliva, overconsumption of it can give rise to a dry mouth known as xerostomia. Germs also have a greater chance of growing in your mouth, putting you at risk for cavities.

On top of that, consuming food and drinks with sugar further increases the development of cavities. To protect your gums and teeth, control your drinking habits and remember to brush your teeth before sleeping.

● Stress and Poor Sleep Quality

Dental Health Risks For College Students

Though most working professionals also suffer from stress and sleep problems, many young men and women first begin experiencing these health issues in college. Some students during especially stressful events, such as exams and deadlines, at times forget to take care of their teeth. Another effect of stress on your body is that it lessens saliva, making your mouth drier and more susceptible to cavities.

Stress and lack of sleep can also cause problems in your immune system. In one study, researchers found in their student participants high levels of a substance that triggers inflammation. This can lead to gingivitis or inflammation of the gums.

● Smoking

Dental Health Risks For College Students

While frequent smokers harm their bodies every day, those who only consider themselves social smokers are not off the hook. They are still at risk of becoming chronic smokers. Plus, research shows that they are more likely to find it difficult to quit. Whether you only smoke in social situations or you’re a frequent smoker, take into account that smoking impacts your overall health including your gums and teeth. All forms of tobacco, such as cigarettes and cigars, are a health hazard. Tobacco makes you more vulnerable to cavities, gum disease, and dry mouth. Most of all, it puts you in danger of acquiring oral cancer.

● Improper Diet

Dental Health Risks For College Students

There are several reasons why college students make poor nutritional choices. Some are on a budget or are usually in a hurry so they look for more convenient and cheaper, though less healthier, food.

Stress also contributes to unhealthy eating. Some college students turn to sweets and sugar-rich drinks as comfort food when they’re stressed or to keep them awake while they’re studying or busy with projects. The caffeine and sugar also affect their sleep quality and dental health.

Awareness of these hazards is your first step to preventing dental issues and keeping your mouth, gums and teeth healthy. Regular visits to the dentist will also help you nip problems in the bud or stop cavities from getting worse. If you’re a student in Wellington County, visit any dental clinic in Guelph, Kitchener, Brampton, or other nearby areas.

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