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Exceptional Guidance from a Specialist in Fitting Dentures in Ontario

Depending on the extent of your teeth loss, you may need partial or full dentures. Professionals who fit dentures in Ontario will guide you on choosing the right type.

A denture is a detachable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures are made of plastic, acrylic or metal. After losing several teeth, your facial muscles may sag, making you appear older. Well-fit dentures make it easy for you to speak and smile, and retain the shape of your face. Here are some dentures in Ontario you can get.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is ideal for individuals who have lost a tooth or just a few teeth. It is attached to the remaining teeth using a metallic outline. Your denturist may request to install a crown on your teeth to act as a fastener to the denture. Partial dentures can serve as a replacement to implants and bridges.

Full Dentures

This is a complete set of teeth intended to replace all your teeth either on the lower or upper jaw. There are two types of full dentures:


  • Conventional Full Denture


A conventional full denture is one that is placed after your mouth tissues have healed. This means you go for several months without teeth. Getting back teeth after staying several months without may seem awkward, but with time you get used to them. If you fit your dentures in Ontario, the clinical dental specialist here will advise you accordingly concerning conventional dentures before you have them fitted.


  • Immediate Full Denture


Your dentist will insert this removable set on the same day you have your remaining teeth removed. Your denturist takes the dimensions of your mouth on an earlier visit and prepares a model that suits your jaw. Those who opt for immediate full dentures at times may need to go for denture realigning after a few months. This is so because the gums and jaw bone can alter in shape as healing occurs.

Experts who fit dentures in Ontario recommend that you take good care of your dentures the same way you will take care of your natural teeth. Before inserting your dentures, brush your tongue, the roof of mouth and gums daily. Besides, this brushing helps to stimulate circulation in the tissues.


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