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Foundation Repairs in Ontario; Damage From the Freeze and Thaw of a Colder Climate Is More Than You Think.

Foundation repairs in Ontario and other areas experiencing a freeze and thaw cycle are very important to retain the structural value of your home and protect your family.

Have you ever been walking through your house and out of the corner of your eye you notice a crack around the corner of an exterior door? Or maybe a window? And it occurs to you that you don’t remember ever seeing that particular crack before?

If this new crack is relatively horizontal it could be a sign of a slight movement in the foundation of your home; especially if your home is located far enough north that there is a significant yearly cycle of the ‘Groundwater’ going through a freeze and then a thaw.

When it comes to understanding foundation repairs for Ontario or other places with a very cold climate you need to realize that this freeze and thaw cycle can create pressure in the winter as the ground water freezes and expands and then this pressure is released in the summer thaw.

Basically, your home’s foundation is being crushed, or compressed, during winter and then in the summer your foundation will actually expand slightly as the ground water melts and the pressure is released.

Just as an example; pick up a tennis ball. Squeeze and let go, squeeze and let go, etc. While the motion is highly exaggerated compared to the actual movement of the foundation of your house; the principle is the same. Your home’s foundation is crushed a little and then will expand back to the way it was. While concrete block, and even stone, have a small amount of elasticity; it is not enough to enable it to handle this contraction and expansion.

Due to the stress of this contraction and expansion, foundation repairs for Ontario and other places that have cold, dark winters and long periods of hot weather in the summer are of a much greater concern.

In this situation it is best to get a qualified professional from a reputable company to come in and do a thorough inspection of the foundation of your home. If you do decide to have work done, make sure the company offers a lifetime guarantee regardless of a change in ownership such as the one offered by Wet Tek.

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