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How to Accomplish Ant Control in Newmarket

Are you having problems with ant control in Newmarket? These seven tips can help you keep your home or office ant free.

The spring and summer months bring about the magnificent changes in temperatures and the great outdoors. However, it also brings around bugs. Ants are one of the most common pest control issues that people seek help with. However, did you know that you can change a few things in your home and prevent the little critters from getting in? Before extermination, you can take the proper precautions to ensure your home is not a haven for wondering insects.

  1. Never Leave Food Sitting Out

It’s not a good idea to leave food sitting out in the high temperatures. Consequently, when considering ant control in Newmarket, you should never have food lingering on the counters or the table. It is an open invitation for bugs. Make sure to clean your plates, and put them in the dishwasher immediately. You should also keep the table crumb free too. .

  1. Take out The Trash Often

If you live in a rural area where there are trees and ample bugs, leaving trash in your home is not a good thing. Take out the trash every day, especially if you have food and wrappers inside. Trash is an open food source that will allure ants and roaches both.

  1. Seal Any Window or Door Gaps

Do an inventory of your home. Do you see any gaps in the windows or doors? Perhaps, the trim at the bottom of the door has come loose and is allowing bugs to get inside. You want to make sure there are no openings for any vermin or bugs to get into your home. Caulking or spray insulation can work wonders to protect your abode.

  1. Rearrange Foliage

One of the best methods of ant control in Newmarket is making sure the bushes and shrubs are at least one foot from the home. Ants love to build their colony at the base of the bushes. The closer they are to the home, the easier it is to get inside. Additionally, if you have any dead or dying foliage, you should remove it. Ants love decayed matter to dine on and set up a residence.

If you have followed these tips and are still having problems with ant control, then it may be time to call in the professionals. Experts have helped many people get rid of ant infestations with ease. Ants are team players; where there is one, there is plenty more nearby. Don’t leave your pest problems to chance, get professional help.

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