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How To Get Back the Top Candidate Who Said No to Your Teaching Jobs Wandsworth (WA)


When someone says no to your offer, it’s okay. There are more suitable, more capable, and more qualified candidates out there in the pool of those who applied for teaching jobs in Wandsworth (WA). But  what if it’s not the case? What if he/she was the perfect one? And he/she said no! How are you going to get them back?


Here’s what you will need to do:


  1. Ask why are they saying no

There are a lot of reason why a front running candidate would say yes. And most of the time it’s about pay. Times are tough! People need a good pay to pay bills and help their family and they would rather go for one that’s a really provider for them. But if you really want to have them as part of your team, then you better get ready for some heavy negotiating. Ask them how much they actually think is a good number on their paycheck and see if you can meet it. But most of the time, they see this as a way to do a one up on you so be careful on saying yes. And if you really can’t afford it, try to meet them half way, be it benefits or pay. You can even highlight why working with you is beneficial for them in the long run, like career growth, increase pay according to tenure and what have you. This is where you pull out all of your aces.


  1. Look at the structure on how you hire people

If you are getting multiple no’s from a handful of really good candidates, the issue could be on how the interview is done. The thing is, when your recruiter is interviewing a potential candidate, the candidate himself is also interviewing for the teaching jobs in Wandsworth (WA) he applied for through him. The standards we put on candidates are what they are applying to you. If the recruiters are late, apathetic, or even vague in answer the candidate’s questions, it could pose as a damper on how he/she perceives the company on the get go. Remember, not only are they looking to get hired and get a pay but also work for a company that does care about their employees and bears an environment which is conducive of career growth. And it doesn’t count even if the interview went well with flying colors.


  1. When to say, “It’s time to move on”

Moving on ain’t easy – it never is. But it will get better. When you do decide to let a candidate go, immediately call the ones you did say no to and ask for a second chance. But be prepared to hear a, “No, thank you.” That’s normal. Remember, you turned their application for teaching jobs in Wandsworth (WA) for someone else. So, before you go in, be armed with a number of treats for them to get interested in.  But if it’s still not working. Then, there’s nothing you can do but look again.


I know it’s not easy but you got to do all that you can to get them back on your side.

Got your own ways to turning a “No” into a “Yes”? Share them with us!


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