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How to Grab the Market with Augmented Reality in the Philippines

Augmented reality in the Philippines has a lot of practical uses, one of which is for marketing. Many advertising campaigns and events have already tapped and harnessed the great power it holds, but advancements even in the span of months keep the ball rolling and the competition tight. Though a lot have already been using such technology, it still anyone’s game as to who will firmly grab the market and claim the victory.

To help you out, here are a few things you can take note of and implement on your next project:


Now, we don’t mean the usual kind where it’s just a regular camera to take a picture and that’s it. We mean those interactive photobooths, like the 360 Selfie, LoopAR, and Photobomb from Waveplay Interactive, which can really do a whopper on social media. With some simple computer modifications, you can add anything on the frame like your brand and such; simple yet highly effective.

Another type are those augmented reality photobooths in the Philippines, where you can insert your brand ambassadors and make it look they are their taking a picture with your guests! Awesome right?


During events, activities that retain the attention of the guests on your booth are a must. A lot of companies go for highly advanced and interactive Kinect games in the Philippines that keep everyone on their toes and eager to try the games for themselves.

Another one is through group motion games in the Philippines. These games combine the technology of motion sensors with the crowd synchronized movements. The movements then become a sort of control to the game. Basically, the more the crowd is into the game and utilizes teamwork mean victory.

There are a lot of choices in market right now. All you need is a little research and you’re set! Try Waveplay Interactive for size, too. It might be the supplier you’re looking for.

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