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How to Hire the Best Fresh Grads for Your Teaching Jobs

For most teaching jobs in New South Wales (NSW), fresh graduates often get a bad rap for being inexperienced and, well fresh, which means they are not yet seasoned with time and work ethics that could work against them in the working world.


But, you can still pick the best among them with these simple notes to hire a fresh grad for teaching jobs.


  1. Look for those who likes eating humble pie.

Pride is one of the most common traits among fresh graduates but there are those who are keen to toning it down with a slice of humble pie. You can notice them holding back on mentioning their own achievements and merits and always want to keep a low profile with how they talk and act.


  1. Read their resume

There are a lot of things a resume can show you and you can check out which ones put a lot of thought on it. Try checking their experience and see if they do list down information based on quality rather than quantity. Most fresh graduates fail to remember that resumes crave for substantial and extensive information that can fill up the least number of pages.


  1. Ask about their school involvements

Most undergrads would only join and participate on school activities, clubs and such because it is a requirement for graduating. But there are those who do take time and go for them with all commitment. This shows that they are able to see responsibility on the work place and can take action when needed. If they land leadership roles on these organizations, then, that’s extra credits to them.


  1. Observe their mannerisms.

There are a lot of queues you can check on them while interviewing them. Like when they take a little peek at their phones or fidget their hands when they feel uncomfortable. These could be instances that shows they easily lose focus when given pressure and could prove bad for the long term.


These are just some of the things you should consider when hiring fresh graduates and there are still a lot of on the list. But with all things considered, fresh grads can offer a lot of new perspective and fresh ideas to any company they apply for. Look at them as coals that only need a little polishing and a little pressure to become diamonds.


Got some of your own tips for hiring fresh graduates on teachings jobs in NSW? Share them to us!

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