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Introducing Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want to give a good first impression, you need a nice smile. Unfortunately, if you’re like a lot of other people in this world today, you don’t have a great set of teeth to compliment your smile. Whether your teeth are pale, misaligned, or some of them are missing, cosmetic dentistry is there to help. This is a fairly quick way to get great looking teeth like you see the people on TV or movies have.


Obtaining Your Goal of the Perfect Smile


Once you’re ready to have attractive teeth and a pleasant smile, you’ll need to talk to a cosmetic dentist who primarily works on their physical appearance instead of their actual health. Some of the latest treatments that your dentist may consider include:


* Dental veneers are ultra-thin laminates made from porcelain. They’re bonded to the front of your teeth where they cover up deep stains, cracks, and chips.


* Teeth whitening and white fillings are both very popular today because it’s so easy for your teeth to become stained with food, drinks, or aging. Your dentist makes white fillings to match your existing teeth whereas whitening treatments simply work to brighten your existing smile.


* Indirect fillings (a.k.a. inlays or onlays) are made from a composite material such as porcelain. These are a long-lasting way to fill a decayed or structurally damaged tooth. They’re different from dental fillings because they’re created in a dental laboratory then fitted and bonded in place.


* Composite bonding is a great way of repairing teeth or correcting their appearance. In this procedure, a dentist applies a composite material that looks like a combination of enamel and dentin to your cavity or the tooth’s surface. It’s then sculpted into shape, contoured and hardened with a high-intensity light. The result is your restoration blends with your teeth.


Considering Dental Implants to Go Along With Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments


Sometimes your cosmetic dentist will need to consider different types of dental implants and how they’ll help you. The two main types of dental implants include:


* Endosteal implants are placed in your jawbone. They’re typically shaped like small screws, cylinders, or plates. These are the most common of the types of dental implants.


* Subperiosteal implants are placed above your jawbone. It’s typically used in patients with a shallow jawbone or those who either can’t or won’t undergo a procedure in which it’s rebuilt.


Choosing Between a Smile Makeover and Full Mouth Reconstruction

Part of deciding which treatment is right for you lies in deciding whether your want a smile makeover or a full mouth reconstruction. With a smile makeover, your dentist uses one or more procedures for the teeth on the upper and lower part of your smile. On the other hand, your dentist may find that you need functional problems (e.g. your bite, muscles, teeth, bone structure) fixed as well. Fortunately, having full mouth reconstruction today is durable, functional, and not as difficult as it was in the past.


Consulting With a Cosmetic Dentist

Nature doesn’t bless everyone with clean, well-formed teeth. In fact, most teeth that are this nice looking have benefited from the help of cosmetic density. This is something that you can do as well. If you live near Brampton Ontario, you really should check out Springdale Dental Center. One of their highly trusted dentists will help you get the smile you’ve only dreamed of until now.

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