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How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Makeup can be anyone’s best friend especially in the beauty and cosmetics world, but it can also turn into a nightmare when not properly kept. When your lifestyle involves using makeup on a daily basis, knowing how to clean your makeup products and tools is as essential as learning how to apply it. Dirty products attract bacteria and can trigger acne or cause skin infections.

Here are some simple cleaning and maintenance tips every makeup lover should know:

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Clean face brushes and sponges using antibacterial hand soap.

Makeup brushes and sponges are frequently used to blend the eyeshadow, concealer, and blush on. In short, they are kept in close and frequent contact with the skin. If they are not cleaned well, the bacteria accumulated from touching sweat and dirt may cause pimple breakouts or skin irritations.

To clean a brush or sponge, remove the powder by washing or soaking with an antibacterial soap and rinsing with lukewarm water every after use. You can also opt to use some of the many available disinfecting and sterilizing sprays for makeup. There is a wide array of esthetic supplies in Mississauga if you live in the area.

Repair smashed powder with alcohol.

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Have you ever dropped your compact powder makeup and smashed it to pieces? Don’t you worry. There is an easy way to fix that. All you need to do is assemble the pieces back together, put them back into the container, spray the pieces with rubbing alcohol, and leave it to dry. Doing this saves you the cost of having to buy a new one.

Quick fixes to keep your makeup fresh.

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

To keep your mascara as fresh as possible, every once in a while, clean the mascara wand with a tissue to remove old, crumbly mascara residue. For cream products such as lipstick, concealer, cream blush, spray them with alcohol from a beauty supply store to disinfect them, then rub off the outer or used layer with tissue.

Know when it’s time to throw makeup away.

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Unlike food, cosmetics aren’t always required to carry the expiration date on the packaging. Instead, you’ll have to keep track of when you opened them. Most products have a jar symbol with a numeral that signifies the number of months you have until the item is no longer usable.

Mascara and gel eyeliners have three months of shelf-life. Lipstick and lip liner have one year. Cream shadows and foundations have up to 18 months. Face powder and pencil liners have two years. Sometimes you just know it is time to bid adieu to your makeup — maybe the lipstick smells funny, the lip gloss looks gloopy, or the mascara has hardened. If you notice these kinds of changes in your makeup, toss them away before you get a skin irritation or eye infection.

Clean your makeup bag.

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Proper storage is key in taking care of your makeup, but these storage kits can get dirty easily. Remove all products from your bag or case and give it a good cleaning at least twice or once a month. The best way to do this is by wiping the inside of the bag with any antibacterial wipes until all signs of makeup residue is gone.

Sanitation may not always be an exciting thing to do, but keeping your makeup sterile will not only save your skin but your pockets as well.

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