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Keep Your Trees Healthy by Using a Professional Tree Arborist from Alliston

Your trees are a valuable property investment. They deserve the professional care from a tree arborist in Alliston. Proper pruning and correct feeding help your trees thrive.

Trees are one of the most valuable aspects of your property. They add aesthetic beauty, provide shade and protection from the weather, plus increase the monetary worth of your home. However, trees that are not properly maintained can actually detract from the value. Here are two vital reasons to entrust your trees to the expert care of a tree arborist in Alliston.

Proper Pruning

Pruning is far more than just clearing away branches. A licensed arborist will be knowledgeable about not only how to correctly prune your trees, but when they can be safely pruned. Improper pruning techniques can actually harm your trees more than it helps them. Arborists know what branches to cut, where on the tree to cut them, and how to watch for problems.

Deadwood is a haven for pests and disease, and bad pruning creates the potential for unsightly dead stubs. When you enlist the services of an expert arborist, you can be confident your trees are pruned properly. Properly pruned trees remain healthy so they can produce vigorous new growth each season.

Correct Feeding

Most people assume that trees fend for themselves when it comes to necessary nutrients for healthy growth. While much of the substance, which produces lush leaves and a full shape, comes naturally from beneath the ground, trees benefit immensely from periodic feedings.

Just like pruning though, incorrect amounts of fertilizer or feeding trees at the wrong time of the year, can do them more harm than good. A licensed tree arborist in Alliston knows how much to use and precisely when your trees benefit from fertilization.

Your trees add both beauty and value to your home. When you lose one it not only changes the visual landscape of your property, it can cost a lot of money to have sick or dead tree removed. The best insurance policy, you can give your valuable trees, is to schedule regular checkups with a professional tree arborist.

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