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termite damage

Pest Control Professional Over Do-It-Yourself

Pests are a hazardous menace that faces us in each and every place of our living. They cause extensive damage to property, food and they are carriers of lethal diseases. Finding a way to eradicate, diagnose, treat and prevent them is the best way to deal with them. There are numerous devices and chemicals available in pest-control retail shops that we could access and have the work done ourselves. However, there is an option of hiring a pest professional for the job.

The factors that make the latter better than doing the work yourself are as follows:


Unavailability of necessary equipment and technology – Various pests that are in our homes such as rats and termites are extensive and numerous hence require advanced tools to deal with them completely. Normal baiting methods available to us will only catch a few. We therefore need equipment such as granular spreaders, fogging equipment, termite-baiting tools and safety equipment. Most of these are too expensive or rare and hard to find hence hiring a professional with them would be a better option.

Insufficient knowledge

Insufficient knowledge on pests – Before dealing with pests, we have to know their behavior and way of life. Such attributes are their nesting places, reproduction methods and feeding habits. Finding a nesting place within your home would be a big challenge. However, a professional pest handler with experience on the pests would be able to detect this quickly.

Dangerous pest

Dangerous pests – Some pests have adverse defense mechanisms and therefore dealing with them would be a challenging task. The common ones are wasps, bees, snakes and spiders. Experienced and well equipped personnel however, would be more versed and well trained in handling such situations.

termite damage

Extent of the damage – Termites are well known to cause extensive damage on timber especially in houses. Others like locusts adversely affect crops. When we have extensive damage done on our property, dealing with the pests ourselves would be an unfruitful adventure. We may end up even spoiling the salvageable property or even not entirely removing the pests completely. Professional services have guarantees and insurance for the services, they would even pay for the damage that came with their services. With this in mind, pest control services would be a lucrative alternative.

Sensitive areas are covered with caution – Different methods of pest control are applied to different places affected. There are sensitive rooms where infants and the elderly are often found which would require specialized methods. Electric rooms would also be a very sensitive are to work in. Also it would be hard to reach areas such as rooftops, chimneys, and crawl space. We would not be comfortable dealing with these areas bearing in mind the sensitivity and danger we pose to others and ourselves. We therefore would be better off having a professional deal with this.

Safety – Safety equipment for dealing with pests are expensive. Chemicals that are used for pests are also lethal and non-environmental friendly. Professional pest control is commercially based and can get the equipment more easily than we can. They also have insurance covers for employees in case of a detrimental engagement.


Commercial places – Some commercial premises such as bars, restaurants and schools will require very extensive pest control methods. They therefore would only be worked on by the professionals.


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