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Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

With the fierce competition in the world of business, it is important for companies to find proven and tested ways to market their products and/or services to their target customers. With the times and economy getting tough, many businesses fail to succeed. Thus, this makes marketing campaign extremely critical for a business to survive. Thankfully, the advancement of digital technology has allowed businesses around the world to market themselves on the Internet, promote their brand, and reach millions of potential customers, wherever in the world they may be. Today, businesses are starting to give great importance on their rankings in major search engines, specifically in Google. That is why it is crucial for businesses to create and maintain a website that provides valuable information and allows target customers to browse products and/or service

Every day, millions of people use Google to search for helpful information or simply looking for a product or service they need. Google has created a unique algorithm, which plays a critical factor that affects website ranking. Website operators must follow the Google-recommended tactics in order to stay relevant and remain at the top of the search engine. Higher Google rankings can influence the purchasing decision and conversion of leads. Additionally, building online reputation can make you a trustworthy source of information and quality product and/or service providers.

Since there are various ways that your prospective customers can use to search for information, from social media to mobile applications created for search, companies need to explore and take advantage of all the options available. Having a strong online presence can be considered an effective marketing tool because it is relevant in terms of consumer conversion. Online visibility also shows the innovativeness of a company to improve itself to become a forefront of consumer sightline and meet consumer expectations and needs. It also allows customers to see their expertise and authority in relevant areas.

Without further ado, here are effective ways that can quickly boost the ranking of your website and bring more customers to your business:


Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

● Get to Know the Google Algorithm – Although you can just jump straight right into actionable SEO strategies in ranking your website, it is smart to familiarize yourself with the different Google algorithm and it can impact your Google ranking. This can help you set up for long-term success and avoid penalty once new updates are released.

John Mueller, a Google executive, confirmed that Google is constantly making significant changes. However, many of these changes are not publicly announced or described. In fact, there are about 500 to 600 changes made by Google each year, according to Moz.

Because no one really knows how algorithms works, it makes sense that many marketers may find them as their biggest obstacle to SEO success. If all of us knows how to rank our websites on top of the search engine without penalties for shortcuts, it will be difficult for Google to rank the best websites.

Here are major algorithm updates you should be familiar with:

Mobile-Friendly Update (April 2015): Favours mobile-responsive websites
Pigeon (July 2014): Integrates local search results (e.g. Google Maps)
Hummingbird (August 2013): Understand the context and intent behind a user’s search
Penguin (April 2012) – Targets websites that purchase unnatural links and spammers

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

● Publish Relevant Content – High quality, engaging content is considered to be the most effective driver of your search engine ranking. While there are other ranking factors, there is simply no substitute for well-written content. Quality content should be created specifically to your intended readers can effectively bring more organic traffic and improve the authority and relevance of your website. To achieve this, you need to fine-tune your content writing skills to attract more customers and gain their trust.

To make content effective, make sure to identify and use a targetted keyword phrase or long tail keyword for each web page. Think like the reader and consider the potential search for a specific topic. Take for example, “Guelph cosmetic dentist,” or “emergency dental service in Guelph.” You can incorporate this long tail keyword a few times throughout the content. It can be repeated once or twice in the first and last paragraph and twice through the remaining paragraphs.

You can bold or italicize to highlight the keyword phrases, but avoid overdoing it. Make your language and writing style as natural as possible. Additionally, content that is 2000 to 2500 words in length is more likely to rank well in Google. Take a look at the graph below:

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

Image Source

This graph shows that longer content is more likely to rank higher in the search engine. While word count may only have a small impact in the world of Search Engine Optimization, it definitely offers more in-depth information and value to the readers. It allows you to incorporate crucial keywords, as well as inbound and outbound links. It also helps you get readers to stay longer and spend more time reading your blog posts; thus, increasing the dwell time. Simply make sure that the content is designed to provide what your target audience is looking for.

Most importantly, never discount good writing for the sake of search engine optimization (SEO). Always keep in mind that the best content is specifically designed to benefit the readers, not for the search engine.

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

● Optimize for Mobile – With Google’s mobile-first index, it is important for your website to pass the Mobile-Friendly Test. Google released a statement informing everyone that:

“..our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page’s content. Mobile-first indexing means that we’ll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking…”

To maintain a good mobile ranking, you should focus more on mobile tasks and performance to meet the requirements set by the Mobile-Friendly test and provide a positive user experience to the target audience. Seeking reliable Internet marketing services can also help you design a mobile responsive website.

To effectively do this, think about what your readers want from your website. It should allow them to navigate through your webpages without any difficulties. Visitors should be able to access your products and/or services effortlessly on your mobile-responsive website.

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

● Optimize for Speed – Since your target customers either use smartphones or desktops, it is vital for website operators to continuously track and improve the loading speed of your website. You can use the Google PageSpeed tool to measure your site’s performance.

Rank Higher, Faster in Google Without Getting Penalized

● Link Building – The authority of the website influences the search engine on your rankings. While there are various factors that determine the website’s authority, links are one of the key factors to consider. Take, for example, your site is linked by some major local websites. Google will consider your website not only authoritative, but also trustworthiness. This shows Google that these major websites trust and recommend your website content, improving your search engine ranking.

Below is a video on some link building techniques that will help you boost search engine ranking in 2019:

Link building is an important factor in ranking your website pages in major search engines, such as Google. While the search engine optimization landscape is constantly evolving almost every year, it is important to be able to cope up with the different changes to stay on top of your game. With thousands of other websites offering the same type of products and/or services as yours, it is important to establish authority in your business niche to gain the trust of your target customers.

This video is created to help small or large-scale businesses grow the authority of your website this year. This free training video will teach you three simple step processes for acquiring quality backlinks effectively. The more backlinks you have, the higher you position your website in Google’s ranking ladder. So, take it slow and make sure to execute the actions on each point.

It may be true that black hat practices used to get a website to the front — or even to the top of the page. However, search engines — most especially Google — frown upon and have cracked down on these practices. These questionable strategies have become the ticket that will send your page on the fast track to the bottom of the search engine barrel — if it gets indexed at all. Don’t take your chances with a quick fix. Take your cue from the most successful web pages to date and use these tips to guide your website on the way to the first page.

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