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Reasons Why Bowmanville Dental Made Me Love My Mouth


Although trips to the dentist used to be a thing of dread, thanks to the staff at Bowmanville dental, I’m in less pain, have a better smile, and have lost my fear of the Dentist!

Dental appointments are typically not anyone’s favorite thing. Unfortunately part of being an official grown up is going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and maintaining your smile.

The biggest problem for me was always working around my schedule. Being new to both the area and my job, I could not exactly take time off work to go check on my teeth. Fortunately Bowmanville dental offers weekend and evening hours so I was able to get in after work and get everything taken care of.

Due to high use of antibiotics as a child my enamel is not the best. Combine that with being accident prone and well…I have had to use their emergency services as well. Luckily the staff really understood and had me fixed up in no time.

Another side effect of the antibiotic use as a child is my teeth did not exactly come in pearly white. I scheduled teeth whitening in conjunction with my cleaning so I could make the most of my smile. As I work in sale it is always important to have a great smile, and I’m feeling much more confident in mine.

Thankfully Bowmanville dental does offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation for procedures, because when I had some fillings done I seriously doubt I would have been a good patient otherwise.

I did my research before choosing a dentist of course. Dental websites have a lot of great information and let me get to know the staff a bit before going in. It really gave me peace of mind that the team was so transparent about whom they are and the services they offer.

I even finally got a mouth-guard to sleep in that has helped me so much. I used to grind my teeth every night, but now I don’t wake up with that all-too-familiar ache in my jaw.

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