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Should Hair Wax Be Part of Your Summer Hair Essentials?

Summer is almost here and beaches will soon be studded with people. School’s gonna be out of season too. But just because you’re doing away with your usual uniform of jeans and shirt, doesn’t mean you can do without your hair essentials for the summer. But should hair wax and hair clay be part of that list?

Yes! Of course, but there should be some stuff too that would be necessary to keep your gwapo look in check for the summer.

Alongside your hair wax, like Grips Hair Wax, you should also invest in a good shampoo first, then a conditioner, second. You might be wondering why but the summer heat could bring bad hair moments for you. One thing is the excess oil buildup in your hair that will attract plenty of dust particles. Before doing anything to your hair for the day, wash it clean with a shampoo that can help lessen the dirt in your scalp to avoid dandruff.

A conditioner is also a must more than ever. The stuff keeps your scalp moisturized and avoids flaking that can lead to dandruff. Though a conditioner works wonder on your hair, it should still be done after shampooing for the optimum results.

Another great product is a hair serum. Now, it may sound unnecessary but it actually is not. Before applying hair products, like Grips Wax, and while the hair is still a little bit wet, apply a little bit, like the size of your pinky fingernail, on your palms and apply evenly. Once the hair has dried, you may start applying hair wax. This gives you hair extra protection from the harsh sun. And if you decide to do away with hair products for the day, the serum would still suffice.

So, don’t worry about styling your hair for the summer. You can still go dapper, funky, stylish just like Enrique Gil and on point as long as you’re keen on taking care of your hair in between.

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