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bob hairstyle

So You Want To Cut Your Hair Short: Figuring Out Your Face Shape

Before selecting any sort of haircut or hairstyle for yourself it’s important to find out the shape of your face. Knowing the shape will help you find styles and cuts that complement you. The same can be said for hair coloring but that mainly deals with the color of your skin. At the end of the day though, you can cut or color your hair any way you want. It’s just hair so you’re guaranteed it’ll grow out and you can try something different another time around.
The types of face shapes are as follows: oblong, oval, round, rectangular, square, triangular, diamond, inverted triangle, and heart. Women with round and square faces are told to stay away from short haircuts but there are so many kinds of short haircuts for women that you’re bound to find something attractive.

Different Types Of Short Hair


bob hairstyle

Once you know your face shape it’s that easier to find a hair cut suited for you. Short haircuts for women are so versatile and there’s a veritable buffet of styles and cuts to choose from. There is the classic bob which works on practically any face shape or hair texture. You can go with a sleek and chic angled bob or maybe a fun and flirty volumized bob. They are all very versatile and that’s the fun thing about short haircuts for women. There is just so much to choose from and you no longer have to worry about losing ponytail rubber bands or having to wait forever for your hair to dry.

pixie cut

Another classic is the pixie cut. This is a difficult style to pull off and is usually reserved for those with very sharp and angular faces. There are many different kinds of styles for pixie cuts. You could leave it a bit shaggy so that it has a sort of layered effect or you could have short all the way around and have a simple left side or right side part. Everyone’s favorite part of the pixie cut is the bangs. You can leave them short, think of Betty Page, or you can leave them longer than the rest of your hair causing a sort of wisp effect.

shoulder lenght

One more style I want to mention is the shoulder length cut. If you’re a little conservative and aren’t exactly ready to go chopping all that hair off then the shoulder length might be your chance to try something new but still staying safe. The shoulder length option might be more manageable for those with curly hair. Short cuts and curly hair can be a nightmare at times. If you do decide to go with the shoulder length style then a pop of color might help it pop just a bit.

Where To Get The Cut Of Your Dreams

There are many places to go when you’ve decided on what sort of hairstyle you’re going to get but keep in mind research, research, research. Some of my few places are in Eaton Centre but all time favorite place to go would be Ergys Studio. There’s ombre hair services available in Ergys Studio in Toronto. They also offer barber shaves, hair styling services, highlights. What they are probably most known for though is their ombre services because the ombre hair services available in Ergys Studio really don’t compare to other salons I’ve been gone to when I wanted ombre added to my hair cut. Ergys Studio is the place for me but keep looking around and you’ll find a salon where you enjoy the staff and the services they have to offer.

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