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Using Sports Therapy to Improve Your Physical Well-Being

Some people might think that sports therapy is just for professional athletes who are paid millions of dollars per game that they play. This isn’t true though. This field of medicine can help just about anyone who is trying to get back in shape, no matter what age or physical condition they are in. Even those who are just starting out with an exercise program will find that it can benefit them. Read on for more information on how sports therapy can both heal and prevent injuries, help get people back in shape, and more!

Caring for Injuries

Caring for Injuries

Sports therapy, such as that provided by Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario, can help with injuries that people sustain during physical activities in a variety of ways. Some injuries, like torn muscles and sprained ankles, receive alternating ice and heat packs as part of the procedures for initial emergency treatment. Then, after a period of rest to allow the patient to heal, special exercises and stretches are introduced, which help the person recover at a faster rate. Massage is also added to the regimen. It increases circulation and blood flow to the affected area, which reduces the amount of present lactic acid, pain, and swelling.

Injury Prevention


While it isn’t always possible to prevent injuries, they can be somewhat avoided by helping people develop exercise programs specifically tailored to their level of physical fitness. This helps reduce excess strain. For example, a patient with heart disease would be advised to use lighter hand weights instead of heavy ones, and they would walk instead of run. Their training sessions might also be reduced to avoid taxing the heart too much.

Increasing Physical Performance and Stamina


One of the most important benefits of sports therapy is its contribution towards increasing physical performance and stamina. Therapists at physiotherapy centers work one-on-one with patients to show them special exercises and breathing techniques that will help them keep going for longer periods of time. They will also offer recommendations on how to steadily climb towards peak physical fitness goals that might have previously seemed unattainable. Anything that could be potentially reducing a person’s performance is pointed out as well. For example, if running long distances has seemed impossible because of knee pain, sports therapists can advise ways to strengthen muscles in the legs and reduce inflammation, so that the knee pain is significantly lessened.

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