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The Importance of Back Water Valves and Installation Made Easy

Pipes without back water valves would create a stench in the surrounding area due to the sewage ability to move in and out in of the drainage system.

Back water valves are devices that are used to prevent back-flow of water from drainage pipes back into the house. They have an opening within them that allows water to go out but cannot let it back in. Without them, you will have a major problem to deal with in the long run.

The valves are mostly installed in the main drainage line of the building. This is because the main drainage line controls all water that comes in or out of a building. As much as they may sound like a luxury, they are not; they are a necessity in any building. This is clearly depicted when there is heavy rain and the sewage is trying to escape through any possible route. There would be floods and this could wreak havoc if there was a counter flow of sewage. Luckily, this is not the case when back water valves are used.

Sometimes, areas that are on lower grounds are likely to be affected by floods and back-flow of water especially during heavy rains. These areas need these valves installed to prevent the back-flow of sewage and rain water into homes. Some cities offer rebates for installing the back water valves in homes. Thornhill is one of those cities.

Some plumbing companies, such as A Alert Drain, can be hired to ease the process of installation. These companies consist of well-trained plumbers. The company, in this case, will get a permit and arrange for the whole installation procedure on behalf of the client. Once the installation is done, the site is inspected by a city inspector. After the job is done according to the city standards, the city inspector gives an approval on the process. The final paperwork is handed over to the client by the company that was acting on their behalf. This paperwork is forwarded to the city for a rebate.

Installation is therefore made less tedious for you and at the end of it all, you get a rebate. Moreover, you and your household are now free of sewage back-flows.

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