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The Process of Teeth Cleaning in Oshawa

The following content gives a description of how teeth cleaning in Oshawa works. It explains to patients when they should see the dentist about their teeth.

Teeth cleaning is an important part of your dental and physical health, so it’s natural that you would want to know something about the process. The recommended frequency of teeth cleaning in Oshawa by professionals is at least twice per year. Four times a year would be optimal as it would most likely prevent diseases from ever having a chance to develop. The following is a little information about the process of teething cleaning:

X-Rays and Greeting

The first thing that you’ll need to do is take a set of X-rays when you connect with a new dentist. The X-ray specialist will walk you through the process of taking some shots so that she can get a snapshot of every part of your mouth. Your dentist will use this to assess any problems that you may be having with your teeth.

Scraping and Brushing

The hygienist is usually the person who performs the cleaning work in your mouth. This person will start by conducting a friendly intro and then covering you up and making you feel comfortable. Next, she will do is grab a scraping tool and get into the cracks and crevices of every one of your teeth to remove the plaque and tartar.

Rinsing and Flossing

Rinsing and flossing are the next steps in the process. They should be quick and painless, but you can mention if you need the specialist to take it easy with you.

Rinsing and Polishing

The polishing and rinsing stages are the most enjoyable stages that occur in teeth cleaning in Oshawa. These are the parts where the hygienist puts some finishing touches on your teeth and makes them presentable to the world.

The Friendly Consultation

The last step in teeth cleaning is the examination and the friendly consultation with the dentist. He will conduct a physical examination of your teeth and tell you the results of the X-rays. If you have any conditions that need to be addressed, he will let you know. You can then work with him to develop a plan for your recovery. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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