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Therapy for Spinal Decompression in North York Relieves Back Pain without Surgery

If you are having back pain you may consider spinal decompression North York. This alternative can help you get to feeling better without having to assume the risks of back surgery.

Non-evasive spinal decompression therapy is a great alternative to having spinal surgery. If you have chronic back pain you may have considered the option of spinal surgery. While there have been many successful spinal surgeries, one must also consider the risks. You can run the risk of losing bodily functions, paralysis and even death. Spinal surgery is also extremely expensive and could cause you to be out of work for months.

Spinal Decompression can be done through a non-evasive method. It is a procedure that can remove pressure caused by spinal fluid and bulging disks. This works by stretching the spine and taking pressure off the disks. Decompression can treat many symptoms such as neck pain, weakness, sciatica, or tingling. This form of physical therapy can help you get to feeling like yourself again.

You may wonder how this works. It’s simple. You do not even have to get undressed. If you are going to get spinal decompression in North York, the doctor puts a harness around your pelvis and another around your trunk. You may be face down or up on a computerized table. The doctor or technician then uses the computer to customize your treatment this could last up to 45 minutes. This will not just be a onetime treatment. Doctors can advice anywhere between up to 30 spinal decompression North York treatments over a period of one to two months.

There are several other alternatives to this treatment. Ultrasounds are one of them. Ultrasounds generate heat and promote healing. Electrical stimulation is another option. This causes your muscles to contract. There are several other types of treatment such as acupuncture and injections with steroids. You may also consider going to a chiropractor. Spinal decompression has been proven to be a reliable treatment and should be taken into consideration when choosing a treatment to relieve back pain.

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