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Tips on Tree Safety from an Arborist in Toronto

An arborist in Toronto wants you to stay safe when it comes to caring for your trees. Injuries caused by falling trees are 100 percent preventable. The proper precautions should always be taken.

When it comes to caring for your trees, it is essential to be safe and alert at all times. Trees have been known to cause much preventable damage if they are not properly cared for and monitored. When they die, they crack until they fall apart and it can never be predicted at which direction they could fall into. It gets particularly dangerous when they fall into power lines or buildings. Some people have been seriously injured or killed due to lack of proper care of a tree.

Here are some tips from your arborist in Toronto in order to prevent the above situation from occurring within your vicinity:

– If you have a tree whose branches hang out from power lines, always assume that the power lines are on and contact your utility company about having the lines turned off so that you can safely trim the necessary branches. And always use extreme caution when moving your ladder and other equipment around the lines.

– Never trim your trees during a rain or snowstorm. This can also cause injury or death.

– Never climb your ladder with tools in your hands and always use the proper safety equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats and gloves.

– Always assess the area for hazards.

– Determine the direction in which want to have the tree branches fall so they don’t directly fall on a power line as even branches have been known to completely split a power line which causes blackouts and the need for power line maintenance workers.

– Never turn your back on a tree that’s falling, be alert to where you can get out of its way. If you notice that your tree has started to crack, keep a careful watch on it until a professional arborist in Toronto can come by and cut it down for you.

– Never operate heavy equipment, such as a chainsaw, without proper training.

Your arborist in Toronto wants you to stay safe when it comes to the care and maintenance of your trees. The injuries and deaths that they have been known to cause are 100 percent preventable and you would do well to follow the proper precautions at all times.

image source: So what is an Arborist?

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