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Top 3 Homemade Solutions for Eco-friendly Pest Control

Get an edge over the pests in your home with the latest homemade solutions for eco-friendly pest control, learn how to apply natural remedies and get to know when to call pest control experts.

Pests can be a thorn in the flesh. More often than not, you will find uninvited guests in your home, kitchen or farm. These tiny animals are usually a bother especially the ones that can bite and those that cause embarrassment when you have visitors at home. Since pests are no friend to man, you need to find a way to deal with the immediately you spot one. Here are top 3 homemade remedies for an eco-friendly pest control.

(i) Boric Acid with Soap Water

For many years, boric acid has been used to take care of spiders, ants, and cockroaches. You should first clean the counter tops and the entire house with soap solution. This will extract the insects from their hiding. Once they are out, spray them with boric acid.

  1. ii) Vinegar

Mix water with vinegar and use a spray bottle to spray it in pest hiding corners. The water and vinegar are more effective on spiders and ants. Spiders find the pungent smell of vinegar intolerable and hence move out of the house. Although the vinegar does not completely kill the pests, it drives them away.

iii) Lavender and Mint Oil Extracts

Lavender oil has been used for many years to repel mosquitoes and bedbugs. Most people apply the oil on their body while going to bed to avoid mosquito bites. There are also other oil extracts that can be used for the same purpose, such as the Tulsi, eucalyptus, and neem extracts. These oils can also be sprayed around the house to send the pests away

  1. iv) Plants and Herbs

There are plenty of herbs that can be used for Eco-friendly Pest Control. Any herb that contains pyrethrin will drive pests away from home. Such herbs include tulsi, mint, marigold among others.

When To Call Experts

Most of the homemade solutions to pests have no credible scientific backing although they have worked for many people. If you do not want the use of chemicals in your home/farm, you can try contacting some of the eco-friendly pest control firms like Pro-Pest. With many of similar companies coming up around the globe, we can easily control pests in our home and farms using natural organic pesticides.

According to Pro-Pest control, you know it is time to call the experts when you are unable to fight the insects on your own. If you are trying to get rid of spiders, and instead you realize their number seems to be increasing, it is time to call the experts. It is also advised to call experts immediately you spot life threatening pests like bedbugs, mosquitoes, and spiders at home.

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