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second city

Top 5 Party Destinations in Toronto that You Should Not Miss

There’s no better place to party than Toronto! Whether you’ve been there before or not, these are the top destinations to get wild and make some memories with friends and family. You should consider minibus rental in Toronto so you can all safely travel together from one spot to the next. Not only is it smart, its more exciting! Check out these top hot spots and plan your evening or weekend.

Second City Toronto

second city
Start your night off with some laughs to set the mood for fun. At Second City Toronto you can enjoy nightly improve and sketch comedy that will have you laughing out loud. Big names including Mike Meyers and Jim Belushi have performed here! You may need to secure tickets in advance depending on the date. The bar has a great selection of drinks and several beers, all affordable. Rex Jazz and Blues Bar
rex jazz and blues bar
Enjoy a bit of live jazz and blues music in this chill, swanky bar. It’s been a favorite for over 40 years, and continues to deliver amazing live shows every night of the week. Grab a bite to eat here with your drinks, the “Rextaurant” serves great dishes including burgers, nachos, and other popular pub fare to go along with your drink selections.Horseshoe Tavern
horseshoe tavern
This tavern is legendary, and has a rich history if you care to learn about it. You’ll love socializing and drinking at a very chill place. The locals know they can enjoy great music in the historic back room, or just drink and play pool up front. You won’t find a better award-winning tavern that features the best local bands and a very fun vibe. Bar Volo
bar volo
Bar Volo is a must stop on your night of partying. You’ll get the best craft beers in the city and likely in the country. You can also partake in wines and ciders if you’re not a beer fan. Foods are created from local sources and feature tapas and southern inspired Italian snacks, perfect for indulging in with your drink. Chill Ice House
chill ice house
The Chill Ice House is a completely different experience than anything you can imagine. Staying true to it’s name, it’s very chilly inside. So much that you are issued a cape and gloves when you check in. You’re surrounded by ever-changing ice sculptures, and served shots in iced glasses. Sometimes you can partake in an ice luge while you enjoy live music. Give it a shot for a unique experience and fun photos you’ll love showing off and sharing with others.


These five places are not where the fun in Toronto ends. There are plenty of hot spots featuring music, dancing, and drinking. You can even get recommendations from the driver of your minibus rental in Toronto. He or she will surely know other places that are popular. One thing is certain, you will have a memorable time and already be planning your next visit before the first has come to an end.

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