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Tree Services Ontario: Standing Tall in the Shade

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Tree services in Ontario may provide maintenance and removal services for property owners under the above conditions, and when the tree in question does not share property belonging to a neighbor.

It is estimated that up to 60 percent of trees in the metro Toronto, Ontario, Canada region may be on private property but they are shared by one’s neighbor.

In May 2013, Justice J. Patrick Moore, Ontario Superior Court, stated in a ruling that within the bounds of the Provincial Forestry Act, a shared tree starts from where its roots join the trunk and extend to where the trunk branches outward. In a June 2013 article, “The Toronto Globe and Mail” proposed tree services across Ontario would be curtailed by this ruling. The above case decided by Justice Moore was Hartley V Scharper, and involved a maple tree that was on both properties.

Tree services in Ontario, such as Dave Lund Tree Service, are aware of regulations already in place concerning tree removal. These include much of the following:

– A tree may be removed when damage exceeds repair such as a lightning strike.

– A tree has been noted to be deceased.

– A tree is diagnosed with a terminal disease.

– A tree poses hindrance to the infrastructure of a community or neighborhood.

– The given species of a tree is found to be undesirable.

Service providers recommend removal to occur in early spring or during summer months. The ground is most giving during these particular seasons.

The cost for tree removal varies from community to community, and also is contingent on size and type of tree or stump. Services like those in Brampton, for example, ranges from $100.00 to $975.00. Stump removal in the same area may range from $75.00 to $175.00.

There are services throughout Ontario that can easily diagnose common diseases and treat those diseases if caught early. Red Maples and sugar maples are said to be most susceptible to common diseases affecting trees throughout Ontario.

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