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Unless You Give Up, You Are Never Defeated.

Happiness. Positivity. Although there things that could put a smile on your face and brighten up your day, one of the best ways to achieve happiness and positivity is the correct mindset– the mindset on how you view the things, events, people and circumstances in your life. The best example is failing at something. When you fail at something, your soul and ego takes a blow and it can be devastating. But instead of wallowing in guilt because of what happened, look at it as an opportunity to improve and be better. Failure doesn’t mean defeat, as most of us think of it that way, but rather a chance to dust yourself and try again. It is only when you quit trying that you actually are defeated.

These are circumstances in our lives that we need to be remind ourselves to stay strong and focus on an optimistic mindset. Also try distracting yourself with things that make you instantly joyful, like treating yourself to a red velvet cupcake paired with a raspberry cooler gives you a pat on the back for “Good effort!” . Even spraying or splashing on your favorite teen cologne are also simple ways you can refresh and start again. As a lot of successful people will tell you, success is not accomplished overnight. You just need to trigger that nerve of persistence and keep pushing until you are at the summit.

When heading out to school, you splash or spray on your favorite teens cologne to leave a trail of sweet impression. But did you know that your teens cologne actually sends a relaxing signal to your brain and allows you to recuperate and have a fresher perspective on things? By spraying or splashing on your favorite teen cologne like Fiona Cologne, it will re-energize your spirit and give you an invisible but evident shower of confidence!

So when faced with a challenge. Cheer up and be re-energize yourself. Why try harder, you ask? Simple! Happiness. If you stop now because of one bump in the road, how can you say to yourself that totally gave it your best shot? And if you do quit now, would you feel happy about it? Even if you failed and accepted defeat after giving it everything you’ve got, you will have no regrets because you know you did everything in your capacity to win over the battle.

So, when life throws plenty of lemons at you, put up a stall and sell lemonade!

Just splash on your favorite teen colognes and carry on!

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