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Work Health and Safety Makes or Breaks a Small Business

Small Business Week:

small business weekMark you calender’s for the big event, Small Business Week, which takes place Oct 18 – 24, 2015. Small business owners all around the world of all sizes attend to observe one of the many simple and effective ways to manage business risk and fuel growth of a healthy and safe work environment.


Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act states that all employers that have hired more than five workers, are required to take measures ensuring a safe work environment for everyone. That includes developing and continuously reviewing health and safety policies put forth in the fine print; communicating effectively; having a health and safety representative always stopping by for inspections; and providing the necessary training and equipment to work safely at all times.


Advantages of integrating Health and Safety:

The advantages of integrating health and safety training in Toronto into the work environment are too overwhelming to ignore. Creating a healthy and safe workplace is the most important aspect of a company. In order to obtain a consistently strong reputation, health inspections need to be updated frequently and made available for the public to see.

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A single incident changes everything:

A single incident can deal a devastating physical and emotional blow to any one small business. If any incident is serious enough, the Ministry of Labor will get involved. You also run the risk of losing valuable consumer trust and hard working employees that quit because they don’t feel safe.If violence or riots erupt in a workplace, police will be called to action. The worst part is knowing the effects of the preventable colleagues, family, friends, and community members.There are several reasons why small businesses won’t bare to see this happen. It isn’t just risk management that is motivating small business owners to expand their views of health and safety.


Businesses that create a culture of health and safety have been shown to experience higher customer engagement levels, fewer injuries, increased productivity and greater financial results.


Other studies have shown that healthy and safe businesses experience 20% more revenue per employee and a 4% higher profit margin. Most respondents in the study said health and productivity at the top of the list of priorities, and they expect to continue to support these programs over the next two to three years.


Safety training in Toronto is now mandatory as every business has mandatory equipment inspections at a fixed interval rate and more advanced on the job training/certifications. This is used to not only protect the employees, but the consumers as well.

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